Nucleus Baits

We began our relationship with Nucleus Baits in June 2017.

We were looking for a high quality bait that could be supplied to us that:

  • we had confidence in
  • was made with the highest quality ingredients
  • was prepared fresh for us on delivery
  • contained no preservatives that so many shelf bought boilies contained

Matthew Young and Karl Stokes have 40 years of bait making experience between them for some of the leading bait makers where they have consulted and produced bait alike. Not only do they both have a working knowledge of making bait but also of managing lakes and stock ponds both in the UK and abroad.

Nucleus Baits are made with the fish’s nutritional needs and digestive system in mind. All the baits we use have been tested for over two years before they are made available to the general public.

South Combe Waters are bait testers for Nucleus Baits and provide regular feedback to the team to let them know how the fish have developed. We are of course less than a year into the feeding programme so results are difficult to evaluate but they certainly do love the baits by their feeding reaction to them.

Whilst many anglers put bait into our lakes a large quantity of which contains little nutritional value. Whilst sweetcorn, maggots and bread and great for catching they don’t necessarily allow the carp to grow so we regularly feed the fish throughout the year and steadily reduce this in the winter months.

You can of course purchase the bait from us and we recommend contacting us within two weeks of your visit if you wish to buy some. We can then have them ready for your arrival. If you want to know more and see the product range please visit and please call us at South Combe Waters if you have any questions.