Fishing at South Combe

The fishing at South Combe Waters is just wonderful! Our two lakes provides something for everyone and our lakes are exclusive for our lodge guests.

The ‘Mystery Lake’ is a very pretty lake to fish. Two islands to fish to and one bank which runs alongside a natural wooded area. ‘Mystery Lake’ contains Mirror, Common, Grass and Koi Carp upto 12lbs, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Orfe, Tench and Chub. A wonderful little lake that is full of surprises! A perfect stalking lake and a place for children to catch their first ever fish.

The ‘Specimen Lake’ is very well stocked with carp of 20lbs+ some say there is a 30lbs+ Mirror in there, with some great features to fish to. Varying depths to 6ft with one small island. The carp fight very hard so be prepared for a tussle!

Please take a moment to read through our fishing rules.

  • Please ensure all nets, mats and slings and dipped and rinsed before fishing. The tanks are situated by Nuthatch lodge just to the end of the sheds on the left. Please then allow them to dry.
  • An EA Rod license is down to each individual angler to purchase before you fish. The EA agency have checked South Combe Waters in the past and the owners are not responsible for any proceedings taken by the EA for guests who do not possess one. If you are unsure please ask.
  • Fishing is from dawn to dusk only and no night fishing is allowed.
  • Two rods per angler maximum please respect other peoples angling space on the lakes.
  • Please keep bite alarm volumes to minimum out of respect for other anglers.
  • No music or radios.
  • Please ensure you have an adequate landing net. The fish have grown on and will not fit into anything smaller than 22”.
  • Fish must have minimal time on the bank and please keep the fish as low to the ground and above mats when taking photos. Do not stand with the fish at any time. Fish care is a priority and that includes netting and handling of the fish. Please ensure that all fins are flat before lifting them out. Please ask if you are unsure.
  • DO NOT release fish by dropping them out of your net or dropping back to the lake from the bank height. Please use common sense and release the fish either from the net or sling.
  • Barbless hooks only to be used.
  • Carp mats to be used at all times when fish are on the bank (please ask if you do not have one).
  • All anglers must use forceps and be in possession of Klin-ik/Propolis for wound care. If you do not have any please let me know.
  • Please ensure tackle is in good order and adequate line quality on reels.
  • No braided line or leaders.
  • No spodding or bait boats allowed.
  • No nut baits.
  • No keep nets.
  • No fixed rigs.
  • Please do NOT use clothes/small towels to handle the fish.
  • All landing nets and mats/slings must be dipped and fully dried before using them in the lakes. If your net is wet when you arrive please fully air dry the net. If you need to borrow one whilst yours is drying then please just ask.
  • All wasted line and litter is to be discarded safely in the bins on the bank.
  • If you overcast and snap off in the far margins please let me know as I have a boat on site and I would rather clear the line out to protect the wildlife.

Please ask if you are unsure of any of the above.